Kevin Bui/Chef/Owner

Kevin has burnt toast for most of his career. He’s ripped plenty of H&M slacks trying to lift heavy delivery boxes. Now, he doesn’t leave home without an extra pair.In the infamous asian “Birthday Grab” (a tradition where a one year old baby is placed between various items to determine which path this baby will take in life), Kevin crawled straight to the sweet, green sticky rice.

Kevin is a LA native who has traveled all around the world to learn new techniques. He started off at Break of Dawn, then gaining an apprenticeship at The French Laundry. Upon finishing, he started his journey into working at the best restaurants he could. His travels stretch from Los Angeles, New York, North Carolina, Copenhagen, Valencia, Spain, Germany, and Seattle.

He combines Pacific Northwest ingredients with his travels by focusing on similar elements and presenting them in a dynamic, polished, lively way.His resume includes working at The NoMad, Manresa Bakery, [ONE] Restaurant, Patina, and Break of Dawn. He’s apprenticed at Geranium (***), Studio (*), Pineapple & Pearls (**) , The French Laundry (***), Fleischer’s Butchery, and Ricard Camera(**) to name a few.


Erica Abe/Pastry Wizard

Erica so is badass. She climbs coconut trees, pops a straw in the coconut, and drinks it from the source. She whips up puff pastry from hand, she doesn’t need no sheeter!


Erica Catubig/Sommelier

Catubig is the reigning 2018 Seattle Somm Smackdown Champion.

The SeaHawks were once trailing 14-0 and Erica punted them back to victory. That victory stance isn’t just for show.

She is studying for her advanced Sommelier certification.


Chase Lopez/Chef/90% Chocolate

Chase will gladly sing a karaoke song with you at any late night bar. He will even harmonize while you take the lead vocals.

When he’s not shoving chocolate eclairs in his face, Chase spends a lot of his time traveling the world with his wife, Jaylin, binge watching That 70’s Show, and hanging out with his dog, Harvey.

That’s great news for Chase because Harvey isn’t allowed to have Chocolate, more the merrier!

His resume includes Golden Beetle and Hitchcock. He started off cooking at Ray’s Boathouse doing 1000 covers (WHAT?!) for dinner. He’s staged around for many big names in the Seattle dining scene such as Renee Erickson, Eduardo Jordan, Ethan Stowell, and Maria Hines.


Soleil Roth/ Photo & Media/ Travel Guru

When she isn’t snapping a photo or eating salmon, Soleil is winning an award. One for her travel/food blog, a lot for her competitive figure skating, and most prominently in high school as most spirited/best dressed/most likely to photobomb.


Jocelyn Furtado/ Cook/Ms. tiki


Justin Brody/Cook/ Mr. Tiki

Justin worked as a cook, vegetable and oyster farmer before he began designing exotic cocktails. Currently, he’s cooking most mornings at Coquine in Portland, Oregon and spending his nights mixing tropical fruits with curious strong waters.

He can be found somewhere eating, drinking or telling stories to strangers


Bill Jeong/Cook


Nathan Parrish/Cook/World Champion Onion Cutter

Nathan has never met a chicken wing that he didn’t like, even out of the bottom of a stock pot. He has only ever missed one international flight and ended finding a flight for cheaper when he did. He’s spent time living and cooking in the Basque Country and also has a Popeye themed handshake with Chase.


Sarah Dealy/Cook