OUr story

It all started when…

I was drinking a couple beers after service with a friend of mine at a nearby watering hole in Fremont. The bar was closing, but we had just gotten off service, still filled with adrenaline from service that needed to be washed off by a couple beers and conversation.

Walking down Fremont Ave., we tried finding another bar open, but everything was closed. As we were heading back, we came across a brick building with a huge garage attached to it and immediately fell in love. Images of a restaurant started appearing as quickly as we could come up with them. Patio seating, draping picnic lights, what the tables would be like, how a guest would feel immediately upon opening the door, what they would smell, the sounds they would hear, the lighting, and what kind of food we would serve. We must have spent an hour in the seattle cold shivering our cook’s-salary-butts off trying to paint our dreams onto an empty building hoping that one day, it would become a reality.

If you had to ask, that was the day Sin Reglas was created.


Sin Reglas is a dinner series that explores the ideas of Kevin Bui, Erica Abe and Erica Catubig. Sin Reglas is a platform shining light on talent that wants a spotlight and their voices heard. It is an ongoing journey of teaching cooks financial and business literacy by going through the process.

At the end of it all, we want you and everyone else that comes into our home to have fun and relish in the moment we’ve created.