Menu & Format

We serve A menu ONCE A month exploring different themes. Some are multi-course tasting menus, others are events with food. think of it as we’re throwing a big ol’ party every month and we want you to come party with us.


tasting menus vary between $95-$125 per person, depending on the theme and menu each month. we offer beverage pairings available for pre-purchase or you can decide at the venue. we automatically add a 20% service charge when purchasing a ticket (and any purchases made at the restaurant).

tickets are non-refundable and can’t be switched to a different date or time, however, they are transferrable to other people. think of it as buying a ticket to a concert, sports game or movie.


“Sin Reglas” means “without rules”.

There is a saying that to break rules, you have to know them first. In moments of playing “in the lines”, this dinner series is an exploration of taking the rules we know and breaking them.

Join us in celebrating that life is short and that rules are meant to be broken every once and awhile.